Contemporary Drum

Justin Charland

Justin is Métis and was born in Montreal in 1981. Coming from a mixed-blood origin, consisting mostly of European on his mother's side and Native from his father's side.

After attending his first powwow in Kahnawake at age 12, he came away with the feeling that the strength of the drum could be felt in his heart. Returning to this powwow with his father and brother became a tradition he looks forward to more with each passing year.

Justin was quite interested in the possibility of learning how to sing and drum. One day while attending the Kanesatake Powwow as a photographer, Justin bumped into Norman who extended an offer to teach him how to drum and he has been an avid member of the Buffalo Hat Singers ever since.

Justin is a trained computer specialist having spent close to 15 years working in support positions for two of Canada's largest employers. He speaks several languages and is always willing to help those in need. He is also an avid photographer with the hope of being a full time professional photographer in the very near future.

If you have any computer or photo questions, don't be shy to ask him!