Contemporary Drum

Normand Raymond

Normand Raymond was born in 1964, in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. Normand is of mixed-blood origin, mostly European but also Algonquin and Micmac. At an early age he became interested in the different local Native cultures as well as Aboriginal cultures from South America, and more specifically, to their respective languages, music, and folklore.

So, quite naturally, around the age of 11, he made his first love-flute, and learned how to play the quena all by himself. Shortly after, in 1989, he moved to Montreal and joined several Andean music groups, and other bands influenced by the New Chilean Song and New Latin American Song Movements. Since 1992, he is a member of the Acalanto Ensemble.

Normand, who is a translator, songwriter, flute player, and Native American flute maker, believes that love, friendship, and peace are the key to harmony, between all the different nations, and the living beings on our Mother Earth. Thus, for him, sitting and singing along with his friends around the big powwow drum, is a way of sharing this vision, and continue to believe that a better, more fair and equitable world is still possible.