Contemporary Drum

Pedro Diaz

My name is Pedro Diaz. I am a Peruvian Métis, originally from Lima. I grew up in Peru in a folk traditional family where dance, music, as well as respect and communion with nature, values and beliefs have always been present since a child.

For over 25 years, my life has been in the arts as a singer, songwriter, musician, dancer and actor. I have been in many artistic groups in Peru and Canada. My knowledge of other languages has brought me to learn and promote my culture as well as other cultures. I also work as professional translator, interpreter and language teacher.

Since I moved to Montreal in 2009, I perform as actor and musician for some theatrical troupes. I am the director, singer and musician for Acquis Natal (Peruvian folk music in French). I am singer for Color Violeta (South American folk music) with this band, we recorded an album and performed in Canada, South America and Europe with thanks to the grants; CAM, CAQ and CAC. I collaborate, sing, play and record with others artists and bands from Montreal. My great interest in native cultures has made me a singer in the powwow group, the Buffalo Hat Singers, based in Montreal, Quebec.

I love interacting with people from other communities and collaborating by the arts, with actions that can positively transform our society.