Pow-wow Drum

Rick Qavavauq

Born in 1983 in Artic Bay on the territory of Nunavut, he arrived in Quebec at the age of 6 and grew up in the Metropolitan area. A 14-year-old teenager in search of his roots, Rick begins to take an interest in the songs and sound of the traditional drum. After several years of singing and dancing at First Nations Pow-wows, he perfected his Aboriginal Hoop Dance at the Montreal Native Friendship Centre. The connection with his Inuit roots led him to the profession as Craftsman as a recognized stone sculptor. Rick has also participated in numerous shows with a Huron Dance troop in Quebec City and its surroundings. For many years, Rick has been happy to be with the Buffalo Hat Singers in presenting cultural shows on many of the big stages in Quebec. In addition to being an excellent singer-drummer, he is also a respected partner as a member of the drum group. Rick Qavavauq is a street worker working to improve the social and economic situation of the Inuit people living in Montreal.